Hall Skaara, a pulmonary hypertension patient from Norway, represents the patient voice and PHA Europe at important Ferrer event

Hall Skaara, who is a pulmonary hypertension patient and has been a Project Manager for PHA Europe since 2017, was invited to represent the patient voice at Ferrer’s recent IMPACHT conference in Barcelona, Spain, together with Steve Jones from the European Pulmonary Fibrosis Federation (EU-PFF). “It was the fifth time Ferrer ran the conference and more than 150 pulmonologists and cardiologists from over 30 countries around the world participated. It was the first time a patient was invited to speak, and it was great to share PHA Europe’s and my personal story with the audience. Thanks Ferrer for a great conference and for inviting me!”

Read more at this link on Hall Skaara’s LinkedIn page and here for the full article on the PHA Europe website

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