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TThe Pulmonary Hypertension Knowledge Sharing Platform (PH-KSP) is a patient-led initiative aimed at sharing knowledge and expertise about pulmonary hypertension across the community. Developed over the course of the last two years, the PH-KSP stands as a collaborative project led by the members of the Alliance for Pulmonary Hypertension (AfPH), a registered international nonprofit organisation based in Brussels (BE) with the active participation of pulmonary hypertension patients, family members, caregivers and friends as well as scientific experts. The PH-KSP project was entirely self-financed by the AfPH and is managed by a team of volunteers.

The driving force behind this initiative is a strong belief in the immense value of our collective experience. We firmly believe that by sharing information, resources, knowledge, skills, and best practices within the community, we can unlock significant benefits for all involved.

Share information

We welcome a wide range of contributions to the PH-KSP, including photos, videos, podcasts, articles, publications, interviews, personal stories, and useful links. If you have any information that you believe would be valuable to the pulmonary hypertension community, we encourage you to share it with us through the Share Knowledge page. To ensure transparency, we kindly request that you familiarise yourself with our Content Curation Policy, which outlines how contributions are processed and published. Additionally, we have implemented a comprehensive Privacy Policy to safeguard your data and ensure its protection. We appreciate your commitment to enriching our platform and supporting our mission to serve the pulmonary hypertension community.

Join our volunteer team

The PH-KSP operates solely through the dedication and commitment of its volunteers. We deeply value their contributions and extend a warm invitation for additional assistance. Any extra help is not only welcome but also greatly appreciated. We require support in various areas, including content creation and curation, uploading content to the website, managing social media platforms, and promoting our work. If you are passionate about making a difference in the field of pulmonary hypertension and would like to contribute your time and skills, we would be thrilled to have you on board. Together, we can amplify our impact and provide even greater support to the community.

  • Do you have some time to spare for the PH-KSP project? 
  • Do you have language skills that you could offer for the translation of articles, reports, etc.?
  • Do you have IT skills that could offer for website maintenance?
  • Can you support us by promoting our initiatives on social media and among family, friends and colleagues?

If so please Contact us so that we can discuss!

Promote your events on the PH-KSP

Do you have an event, project, or innovative idea that you would like to share with the pulmonary hypertension community? The PH-KSP offers a platform to showcase and promote such initiatives through its News and Events sections, as well as its social media channels. We are here to support and amplify your efforts, so please don’t hesitate to share your event, project, or idea with us.

Looking to the future …

Our hope is that the knowledge shared on this platform will ignite inspiration and motivation within the pulmonary hypertension community, fostering the creation of new initiatives and expanding our collective knowledge. The success of the PH-KSP relies on the active participation and ownership of the community. We deeply appreciate your support and eagerly anticipate your valuable contributions. Together, we can make a significant difference. Thank you in advance for your dedication and involvement. Your commitment is truly appreciated.

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