Jen Cueva, a pulmonary hypertension patient and former nurse, talks about the benefits of clinical trials in a recent article for “Pulmonary hypertension News”, January 25, 2023

Commentary by Pisana Ferrari

Jen Cueva works part time as a columnist for Pulmonary Hypertension News and as a co-moderator of the PH News Forums. As a pulmonary hypertension patient with a nursing background she has gained unique insights into life with the disease and its challenges. Her mission is to help others become more informed and educated so they are more empowered in their journey is meaningful and powerful for her.

In this very interesting article she explains why it important that patients understand the advantages of taking part in clinical trials and how today it has become easier for them to do so.

  • Clinical trials offer a unique opportunity for rare disease communities to gain access to cutting-edge investigational treatments that might otherwise be unavailable
  • They allow researchers to study poorly understood diseases and develop therapies that could benefit many people.
  • Clinical trials often provide participants with free medical care throughout the study, which especially benefits those who cannot otherwise afford it
  • Some trials are now remote or hybrid, meaning that patients can participate at home, or at least partly at home 

Full text of the article available on the Pulmonary Hypertension News website at this link

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