“Shared decision making, shared care” is one of its the five key domains chosen by the European Society for Organ Transplant (ESOT) for its 2023 Congress

The European Society for Organ Transplant (ESOT)’s 2023 Congress, taking place in Athens, Greece, from September 17-20, has dedicated one of its five key domains to “SHARED DECISION MAKING, SHARED CARE”.

The domain description reads as follows: “The delivery of healthcare is rapidly shifting towards a value-based system, driven by patients. We will focus on how healthcare professionals can create an open and trusting environment, enabling better communication and a meaningful dialogue with patients. This will lay the foundation necessary to explore the ways in which patients can be empowered to actively participate in the decision-making processes concerning their own personal care”.

As a transplant patient and patient advocate I believe this is a very big step forward for patients and testifies to ESOT’s commitment to foster cooperation and dialogue between patients and healthcare professionals. I am honoured and proud to have been nominated Honorary Co-Chair of this very influential and prestigious transplantation scientific event, first time ever for a patient! Commentary by Pisana Ferrari

Learn more about the ESOT 2023 Congress at this link

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