“Inspirer, s’exprimer”, a pulmonary arterial hypertension conversation kit to help patients communicate with doctors and with their loved ones, by HTaPFrance, the French pulmonary hypertension association

On the occasion of May 5, the Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Day, in 2022, HTaPFrance released the French version of a “Pulmonary Hypertension conversation kit” developed by Janssen, as part of the PHuman project , in collaboration with pulmonary hypertension patient associations around the world. The aim is to help patients better understand the condition and to encourage them to express their feelings. The first part contains an excellent explanation of pulmonary arterial hypertension, the different tests and treatments, in simple language and very nicely illustrated. The second part contains cards that can be used in exchanges and conversations with the medical care team as well as with carers and loved ones. HTaPFrance thanks Janssen France for having had this guide translated for French-speaking patients.

Read more at this link on the HtaPFrance website

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