AIPI, Italian pulmonary hypertension association annual meeting with patients and families, Bologna, June 11, 2023

The long-awaited traditional AIPI meeting with patients and their families finally took place on June 11, 2023, marking a joyful reunion for patients and their family members after the challenging period of COVID-19 restrictions.

The meeting kicked off with a presentation by the President, Pisana Ferrari, about the various activities and initiatives undertaken by the association in 2022. Members were delighted to learn about the progress and achievements made during their time apart, strengthening their sense of belonging and unity.

A highlight of the event was the scientific update provided by Professor Nazzareno Galiè, a renowned expert in the field. With his extensive knowledge and insights, he shared the latest advancements and breakthroughs in the treatment and understanding of the condition.

After the enlightening session, attendees enjoyed a nice lunch, providing an opportunity for socializing and reconnecting with one another. Laughter filled the room as they shared stories, experiences, and found comfort in the support and understanding of their fellow members.

To add a touch of entertainment and lightheartedness to the gathering, a comedian, Ippolita Baldini, a well-known figure from the Italian TV show Zelig, took the stage. Her hilarious performance brought smiles and laughter to the audience.

As the meeting drew to a close, the excitement peaked with an eagerly anticipated raffle. Attendees eagerly awaited their chance to win prizes generously donated by AIPI and association members and supporters.

Overall, the patient association meeting provided a much-needed platform for patients, family members, and caregivers to come together, share their stories, gain knowledge, and strengthen their bonds. It was a celebration of resilience, unity, and the enduring spirit of the patient community.

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