The Fundación Contra la Hipertensión Pulmonar, Spain, shares an important resource with the PH-KSP, a new book by a pulmonary arterial hypertension patient titled “The Expert and Informed Patient”

Salvador Calderón, a patient affected by Pulmonary Hypertension and a volunteer with the Foundation against Pulmonary Hypertension in Spain, has released his third book, titled “The Expert and Informed Patient.” This compelling narrative portrays the journey of a patient through all stages of pulmonary hypertension, highlighting the constant struggle to improve the quality of life for those affected by this challenging disease. The story takes an additional emotional turn as his two daughters are also diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension.


The book delves into the experiences of facing a rare or low prevalence disease, finding the strength to continue the battle, and then receiving the diagnosis for one’s own daughters. It encompasses the process of seeking a reliable treatment, participating in clinical trials, and ultimately achieving a stable health condition. While there is a sense of relief, the fight doesn’t end there. The author reflects on the value of extensive knowledge about the disease versus relying solely on the guidance of specialists. Through his work with individuals affected by pulmonary hypertension, he contemplates the impact of the Foundation’s efforts in improving the lives of those with this incurable, disabling, and rare disease. With newfound expertise and firsthand experience, the author embarks on a new chapter of advocacy as an expert and informed patient.

“The Expert and Informed Patient” was published on March 1st, 2023, and you can find it in the following links:

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