Team Phenomenal Hope

Team PHenomenal Hope is non profit organisation whose mission is to bring together a worldwide team of individuals to build a community and improve the quality of life for those living with pulmonary hypertension. To succeed in their mission, Team PHenomenal Hope embodies the culture and spirit of endurance racing, unifying patients, caregivers, athletes, donors, and supporters.

There is a US Team of volunteer endurance athletes who fundraise for the PHenomenal Impact Fund for Global PH Research and race in Team PHenomenal Hope racing uniforms. US Team members chose their own races and pay their own costs. There are also members from International Teams: each country has its own goals; not all fundraise, but they do in some major way support the overall mission. In total, there are about 86 athletes participating from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, and Mexico. They each race under the Team PHenomenal Hope banner to fight Pulmonary Hypertension.

Check out their PH Stories section at this link

Be sure to watch the amazing videos of their #PHfeelslike awareness campaign. The first video shared the thoughts and concerns of pulmonary hypertension (PH) patients surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The second video kicked off a series of videos conveying what it feels like to have PH from a patient perspective.

#PHfeels like I video

#PHfeels like II video

You can join the campaign by filling in the questionnaire at this link and being included in the next episode of the #PHfeelslike video series

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