Slides, recording and transcript (in several languages) of our webinar on “Patients as Partners and Shared Decision Making” (June 6), 2023 now available!

Download the webinar slides here

Download the full transcript in English – Dutch – German – Turkish. New language versions in Italian, French and Spanish coming soon. Other languages available on request

Listen to the recording (in English) by clicking here

Learning objectives of the webinar

Our goal is to empower individuals living with pulmonary hypertension and their families, equipping them with actionable insights and practical knowledge.

  • Understand the pivotal role and significance of clinical guidelines, and gain insights into their development, review, and publication processes.
  • Discover the groundbreaking inclusion of patient advocates within the task force responsible for crafting the new guidelines.
  • Uncover the revolutionary concept of partnering with patients and shared decision making (SDM) in pulmonary hypertension care.
  • Recognise the indispensable role of patient engagement and empowerment in achieving effective shared decision making.
  • Discover how actively involving patients in their care journey leads to enhanced outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Explore best practices and innovative approaches that foster patient empowerment, encouraging a collaborative healthcare ecosystem.
  • Delve into the current landscape of SDM in clinical practice. Are the times ripe for its implementation? Are patients and healthcare professionals prepared for this transformative approach? Unearth the challenges faced by both parties and explore strategies to overcome these barriers.

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