“Patient partnership in cardiovascular clinical trials”, European Heart Journal

This paper, titled “”Patient partnership in cardiovascular clinical trials”, published in the European Heart Journal, assesses current initiatives and identifies opportunities for furthering meaningful patient involvement in cardiovascular clinical research.

According to the authors, patients are fundamentally the ultimate beneficiaries of medical treatments, and their active engagement as contributors and decision-makers in the product development process, from inception to completion, is gaining widespread recognition. This awareness is shared among patients, investigators, regulators, payers, sponsors, and medical journals. However, the authors add, the field of cardiovascular research lags behind others in terms of the depth of patient engagement and understanding of clinical trials within cardiovascular research. Establishing genuine partnerships with patients in the development of cardiovascular therapies holds the potential to swiftly identify unmet needs, align product development priorities with patient interests, enhance trial efficiency (e.g. recruitment), and ensure that trials measure outcomes valuable to patients (e.g. quality of life).

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Faiez Zannad, Cynthia Chauhan, Patrick O Gee, Nick Hartshorne-Evans, Adrian F Hernandez, Marilyn K Mann, Robin Martinez, Roxana Mehran, Patient partnership in cardiovascular clinical trials, European Heart Journal, Volume 43, Issue 14, 7 April 2022, Pages 1432–1437, https://doi.org/10.1093/eurheartj/ehab835

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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