Patient booklet on nutrition by the Polish pulmonary hypertension association PHA Polska

The patient booklet titled “An appetite for life”, developed by the Polish pulmonary hypertension association PHA Polska, contains valuable advice about nutrition for patients with pulmonary hypertension. It also provides tips on how patients can adapt their diet to their condition without sacrificing the pleasure of eating well, and features a number of recipes. It also covers other diet-related issues such as lack of appetite, nausea, constipation and weight loss.

The foreword of the booklet is by Dr Regina Steringer-Mascherbauer, who is Head of the Department of Pulmonary Hypertension at the Ordensklinikum Linz | Elisabethinen. She is the founder of Lebensfreude mit lungenhochdruck, a platform for pulmonary hypertension patients “who want to live a joyful and fulfilled life despite their disease”.

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