Tips for every day life with pulmonary hypertension by AIPI, Italian pulmonary hypertension association

This booklet developed by by AIPI, Italian pulmonary hypertension association, contains pratical advice and tips for day-to-day life with pulmonary arterial hypertension. It stresses the importance of being organised and reserving one’s energies on what really matters. The condition has an impact on many aspects of life and relationships, so it is important to involve family members in sharing house duties as well as fears and emotions. It is also essential to learn to listen to one’s body and the “signs” it sends us. This implies taking care of oneself and sometimes even learning to say “no”… Finally, to feel good it’s not enough to take pills and go to checkups, one needs to have a healthy lifestyle. Health also depends on a balanced diet, the right amount of rest and sleep, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle as well as risk factors such as being overweight, high cholesterol, smoking and alcohol.

Download the AIPI manual on practical advice for everyday life from the AIPI website at this link

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