June 9, 2022: Patient engagement in drug development, a live symposium organised by admedicum

On June 9th 2022, patient engagement experts at admedicum organized a live event in collaboration with HollandBIO and in Utrecht, with over 70 attendees and distinguished speakers from patient organisations, healthcare, regulatory and industry. The theme was “Patient engagement in 2030: how can patient engagement contribute towards building a new ecosystem for drug development & therapy?”

We are delighted to see that patients are increasingly being involved in decision making and policies around healthcare. Drug development is certainly an area where they can play a very important role.

admedicum has published some of the highlights and photos from the event on their LinkedIn page at this link

Quoting from this post: “The consensus from the event is that patient engagement will continue to evolve towards patient AND public involvement in research with an increased focus on person centred, value-based healthcare. There is now ample evidence that patient engagement de risks medicines development and leads to better outcomes and societal impact. Thanks to EUPATI (European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation), PFMD (Patient Focussed Medicine Development)and other European initiatives the pool of patient experts is already large and still expanding.

Commentary by Pisana Ferrari

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