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HTAP Belgique asbl

Founded unofficially in March 2003, was subsequently registered as a Belgian non profit organization, and its statutes were published in the Belgian Official Journal in March 2005. HTAP Belgique is situated south of Brussels in the French speaking part of Belgium.


  • Provide social support for patients and their families
  • Promote better life conditions for patients
  • Disseminate information about PH to the general Belgian public
  • Work “hand in hand” with medical professionals and national health authorities.

HTAP Belgique and its Partnerships

  • RaDiOrg Belgium (National alliance of Rare Diseases)
  • LUSS (Belgium Patients Platform)
  • EURORDIS (European Organisation for Rare Diseases) Task Force on Drug Information Transparency and Access (DITA)
  • European Reference Network for Rare Lung diseases (ERN-Lung)
  • European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI)

HTAP Belgique and its activities in Belgium

Lobbying at National Level

  • Federal Ministry of Health (for recognition of PH as a chronic disease)
  • Federal Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Recognition of “expert centers”
  • INAMI (Belgian Insurance Institute Invalidity and diseases)
  • Observatoire des Maladies Chroniques

Lobbying at the Regional Level, French Speaking (Wallonia, Brussels + German Area)

We believe that the PH Associations of the world have enough strength and qualities to make things change!

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