“Defining the new normal: A guide to becoming more than your diagnosis”, a book by Colleen Brunetti

Colleen Brunetti started her career as a teacher, but after her pulmonary hypertension diagnosis was forced to leave this field. She began a journey to re-invent herself implementing a holistic lifestyle and went on to become a certified health coach.

In her book “Defining the new normal: A guide to becoming more than your diagnosis” Colleen touches upon many important aspects of daily life including nutrition, sleep, physical exercise, family planning, caring for children, social life, finances, mental health and much more.

In the introduction Colleen stresses the importance of patient empowerment and the need for patients to take charge of their medical experience, from how to interact with one’s doctor, hospital, insurance companies and other relevant parties, to the choices made about one’s care and medication protocols.

Colleen Brunetti’s book is available to purchase on the Amazon website at this link

Learn more about Colleen Brunetti by looking up her blog at this link

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