Code of Ethics

The “Alliance for Pulmonary Hypertension” (AfPH) is an international non profit organisation, IVZW (Internationale Vereniging Zonder Winstoogmerk), registered in Brussels, Belgium, under Belgian law. The registration is published in the Belgian Official Journal (Belgish Staatsblad) at the Reg. n°. 0757534861. The AfPH has its headquarters located in Washingtonstraat 40, 1050 Elsene, Belgium.

This Code of Ethics (“the Code”), approved by the AfPH Board, includes the fundamental principles and values that shape the context of our activities and determine our daily behaviour and practice.

Article 1 – Reliability
The AfPH was established by a group of trusted and dedicated members of the international pulmonary hypertension community with a longstanding record of activities to support their national communities. The founding Members are the PH-VZW, HTAP Belgique asbl, HtaPFrance, ph e.v. Germany, Hellenic PH, PHA Latvia and PHA Poland.

Article 2 – Conflicts of interest
Members of the AfPH receive no compensation for their work for the AfPH and are in no way connected via family, business or other ties to suppliers or consultants to the AfPH. The day-to-day running of the AfPH and the Pulmonary Hypertension Knowledge Sharing Platform (PH-KSP) is entirely based on the work of volunteers. Funds other than minimal overhead are used for projects related to the AfPH’s mission.

Article 3- Transparency
The AfPH observes legal and ethical standards of financial transparency by sharing information about its mission, values, governance, activities, funding and any other decisions to the pulmonary hypertension communities it serves, and its partners, in a meaningful, open, reliable and timely manner.

Article 4- Accountability
The AfPH holds itself accountable to the pulmonary hypertension communities it serves and to its partners for its ethical behaviour and compliance with the standards set here.

Article 5- Mutual respect
The AfPH encourages and values the diversity of opinions and experiences, and uses them in a constructive way for the benefit of all, in a spirit of adaptation and compromise. It supports honest communication and promotes the development of relationships governed by understanding and trust.

Article 6 – Non-discrimination
The AfPH will not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or offensive treatment among our members and partners that may lead to an environment of intimidation, hostility or humiliation, e.g. physical, psychological, verbal or other.

Lat updated June 2, 2023

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