A selection of the PH-KSP’s Entries from May 22-28, 2023

Last week around 20 entries were posted on the platform, the more topical ones in the “News” section, and those who serve as useful background info in the relevant sections of the PH-KSP. Many thanks to the patient associations and other organisations who shared news about their activities and to our volunteer content creation/curation team.

Final call for PHA UK’s survey, closing this week, at this link

A touching reunion of long-term lung transplant patients at this link

PH-KSP Resources about emotional well being shared for Mental Health Week at this link

Useful infographics about pulmonary hypertension sent by PHA Netherlands at this link:

Valuable info posted on the PH-KSP for International Clinical Trials Day, May 20, at this link

Recording of ANHP Spain’s webinar on PH and Nutrition now available at this link

Next update Monday June 5, 2023

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