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On the occasion of Rare Disease Day 2022 EURORDIS, in collaboration with its national alliance rare disease patient organisation partners, put together a School toolkit to explain living with a rare disease to children and teenagers. These resources were translated in over 20 languages. One of these resources “A Friendship Story” was written by a pulmonary arterial hypertension patient, Serbian author Danijela Pešić, also known under her nom de plume Danijela Knez. She wrote this book inspired by her own childhood experiences. She collaborated with a children’s author named Ivan Drajzl.

Danijela Pešić is a Member of the Board of PHA Europe, the European Federation for Pulmonary Hypertension and President of the Serbia pulmonary hypertension association. She is Editor-in-chief of Art provocator magazine and a professional novel writer.

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