How to search the PH-KSP

Explore the Find Information section of our website for a diverse range of resources on pulmonary hypertension, available in various formats and languages.

Kindly note that the PH-KSP primarily focuses on conditions classified under Groups 1 (pulmonary arterial hypertension) and 4 (chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension) according to the WHO’s classification of pulmonary hypertension (refer to the relevant section on the Home page).

🔆 Translate the website into your own language

Start your search by clicking on the Google translation plug-inthe orange tab at bottom center – to choose your own or preferred language from the menu of those available. Currently, there are twenty language options, and more can be added upon request.

Please be aware that Google Translate is a machine translation and may not be perfect. While it has improved significantly in past years, it is not equivalent to human translation. Nonetheless, we hope it will still be helpful for your search.

Kindly note that all the website content is in English. The Google translation plug-in can only translate texts written in English.

🔆 Search by interest area or specific topic from the list provided

Click on the topic you would like to have information on from the list that is provided in the table. The list in divided into six broad interest areas, each in turn subdivided into more specific items.

You can search by by clicking on one of the six broad interest areas, or you can search by specific topic.

This list is non-exhaustive and subject to revision over time as new developments occur and as we receive feedback from the community.

🔆 Language filter

Once the results are shown, a number of filters are available, including one that enables you to sort by language. The filter is placed on the right hand side of the page.

🔆 Search the general archive

Enter the topics you are interested in in the search box. Kindly note that the search engine will pick up any article where the topic you searched is mentioned, so we suggest you refine the search by using more than one keyword.

For the search on the general archive you need to enter the key words in English! We are looking into more advanced solutions for the future!

Please check our Content Curation policy to see how the information on this website is reviewed and processed.

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